2001 IGSA Bainbridge Grand Prix (Photos)

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2 Responses to 2001 IGSA Bainbridge Grand Prix (Photos)

  1. William Greentaner says:

    It has been a long time since Bainbridge :)
    Absolutely FANTASTIC to see you are still riding. I was surfing the internet and happened to run across your Streetluge site. I can’t stop smiling at all the memories. Good luck and good fortune to you all your life. :)
    Sorry it took so long to drop you a line. Better late than never, they always say.

    Bill Greentaner

    • furlong says:

      Hi Bill,

      Hey, thank you for leaving a comment. I too, have to apologize. I believe you had sent me an email a long time ago (it was probably to my THP email address that I no longer use, but the account is still active). Thank you for getting in touch with me again!

      And yes, I can’t believe that I am still riding all these years! Hope that you are enjoying your life too!

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