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Asian X-Games


Malaysia has won the 3-year contract bid to host the Asian X-Games from 2002 (which starts in January) to 2004. Thailand, which held the previous Asian-X from 1998-2000, never saw street luge being competed. This time around, the Asian-X is on my home turf, and I will ensure that Malaysia will hold the first Asian-X to have street luge included! Even if not a race, a demo will do just fine to introduce the Malaysian public to this exciting sport. I will be working closely with Marcus Rietema who will try and convince ESPN to include street luge in the … Continue reading

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Dregs Street Luge


I’ve just received my Dregs luge! I’ve been waiting for it even days before the Bainbridge race! I got it second-hand from Jake Kaplan, from Team Toxic Brothers. I had to wait for him to use the luge at the 2001 US Nationals at Barrett Junction, and guess what? He placed first in the amateur category! Congratulations Jake! I will now try to live your legend by using the luge that made it possible for you! Previously, I tried to bid for a Dregs luge that was being auctioned off at eBay by a rider named Justin Klug, but I … Continue reading

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2001 IGSA Bainbridge Grand Prix (Photos)

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2001 IGSA Bainbridge Grand Prix


Venue: Bainbridge, Ohio, USA Date: October 13-14, 2001   Finally the report is here! I felt very lucky to have been able to participate in the first street luge competition in my whole life. The fact that I just got here in Purdue University and 2 months later do I find out that there’s gonna be a race in Ohio, which is just nearby, got me so stoked I didn’t even know if I could make it! Well, I did! On Friday, October 12th 2001, I asked for the kind help of a Malaysian senior to drive me to Indianapolis. … Continue reading

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Andrew’s Street Luge Visit in Malaysia 2001 (Part 2)

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Andrew’s Street Luge Visit in Malaysia 2001 (Part 1)


Andrew and Furlong with their luges in front of Lot Y.M. Tengku Sulaiman aka Mafia Road  This is so cool! After initiating contact through the Internet for about 5 months, I get to meet a luger from another country! The guy we’re talking about is none other than Andrew Lim Yikai, Singaporean street luge rider / pioneer. Here’s what happened. Bob Swartz made a transit in Singapore on February 2, 2001 before going off to some other destination for work. While he was in Singapore, he sold off his used Cherry Bombs to Andrew, as well as gave him lots … Continue reading

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Shah Alam & Pantai 2001

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Sea Park School 2001

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