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2002 Red Bull Streets of San Francisco (Photos)


This is the athlete’s pass that all the invited athletes get! The rider pictured is none other than Lee Dansie, who won the 4-man race last year. Hooked up with Jeff Schonzeit at the San Francisco airport upon arrival. Welcome to San Francisco! Before the Big Air event, Jeff Schonzeit had brought me to the Flowlab Skateboards office somewhere in San Francisco. This is me and Mike, a guy who works and rides for Flowlab skateboards. Their style of board is so cool, there is essentially no complex turning system like a traditional skateboard truck. I’m giving the Flowlab board … Continue reading

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2002 Red Bull Streets of San Francisco


One summer day, I received an invitation in the mail. It was a postcard with a picture of Lee Dansie airborne at last year’s Red Bull Streets of San Francisco. On the reverse side, it says, “You are cordially invited to compete in the fourth and final year of the Red Bull Streets of San Francisco, a Street Luge Event. $10,000 cash purse. This event is by invitation only; 32 competitors participate in the 4-man and Big-Air competition.” My eyes gleamed with excitement. For the first time, I get invited to compete in an event that has got to be … Continue reading

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Back from San Francisco


I just got back from the event recently. It was great! Thanks to Tom Mason for putting on a great event! Too bad it was the final year though. Here are some pictures of me at the event. I promise I will add the race report and more photos on a later update! Other news in this update: Team rider Korny is no longer in the United States. After the events of September 11, 2001, the Immigration and Naturalization Service has imposed stricter regulations for international students to enter or re-enter the US. As such, I would like to express … Continue reading

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