2005 Madison County Gravity Festival

Venue: Munnsville, New York, USA
Date: July 30-31, 2005

This race is actually my last race in the United States before going back to Malaysia after I graduate. As such, I had to make it a point to attend as I had really enjoyed myself there last year.

This year there were a lot more racers in all racing categories. I raced in both pro street luge and pro buttboard, just like last year. The event this year improved a lot, since we were able to camp at a certain spot on the hill. Not only that, but lunch was free on Saturday. On Sunday, lunch was catered for and was really cheap. You could buy 2 burgers and a drink for like $5!

Before this race, I had just purchased a used Rewsports luge from Nick Meehan. It was the cheapest luge out there that is also a proven race machine that I could NOT afford to NOT have! From what I know, the luges are no longer made. So once I got the luge, which was a few weeks before the race, I decided to race it at this event to get a feel of what a pegless Bama-style luge would feel like.

During one of the practice runs, there was a huge crash that involved many riders. I was in the run during the accident when Eric Eisenberg spun out and everyone tried to get around him, either hitting the hay or crashing in on the inside of the turn. As for me, I had nowhere to go but chose not to hit anyone. In the process, I ran over somebody’s luge and later lost control. After getting up and recovering from the crash, I wanted to continue going down the hill until I noticed that the hanger of the front-most truck was out of alignment. Turns out the truck kingpin got bent severely during the crash. So much for Grade 5 bolts!

I don’t remember who was in my race heats for both pro street luge and pro buttboard, so I can’t even give you a quick recap on what happened during my heats. Just enjoy the rest of the photos and the captions below!


  1. Richard Hodkinson (GBR)
  2. Bob Swartz (USA)
  3. Christopher Hicks (USA)
  4. David Dean (USA)
  5. Paul Busse (USA)
  6. Chris McBride (USA)
  7. Roland Morrison (USA)
  8. Dave Auld (USA)
  9. Justin Crenshaw (USA)
  10. Fred Desjardins (CAN)
  11. Victor Schumacher (USA)
  12. Mark Dominguez (USA)
  13. Abdil Mahdzan (MAS)
  14. Jared Carr (USA)
  15. Joe Kachoris (USA)
  16. Eric Eisenberg (USA)
  17. Tom Whalen (USA)
  18. Tony Mistretta (USA)
  19. Bob Bouchard (CAN)
  20. Sean Clarke (USA)
  21. Beagle Jarvis (USA)
  22. Wally Hoffman (USA)
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