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RSS Feed Now Available


News headlines at Team Hardcore Pavement are now at your fingertips with RSS. RSS allows you to get updates on the THP website without having to actually visit and seeing if the website has already been updated. RSS can be accessed thru a variety of ways. There are some RSS aggregators out there, which I myself have never actually seen or used. Yahoo! has an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds under the My Yahoo! service. However, the updated news feed doesn’t always appear immediately. The easiest way to access RSS content is thru a feature … Continue reading

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Team Hardcore Pavement is now back with a fresh new look. The need for the website to remain regularly updated calls for a dynamic updating system. With PHP scripting and MySQL database driven management system, THP hopes to deliver dynamic content to you easily. Before the switchover to PHP, it was very difficult to update and maintain the website as different HTML files had to be created for each update, especially when archiving old articles. Now, with PHP, all articles and features can be archived by storing all the information in a database. The advantages of using a database are … Continue reading

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