2007 Almabtrieb Results

The IGSA Almabtrieb World Championships Street Luge and Classic Luge races featured some really stiff competition on a tight technical course that tested the skills of each rider to the max. 31 Street Luge and 38 Classic Luge competitors raced in six man heats to determine the 2007 IGSA World Champions. Both races were dominated by an increasingly strong French team. Here are the top 16 finishers in each race as well as the Women’s results.

Men’s Street Luge Results

  1. Gauthier DeKyndt FRA
  2. Sebastian Tournissac FRA
  3. Jonathan Blotter FRA
  4. Loic Zaccaro FRA
  5. Beni Weber SUI
  6. Yvon Labarthe SUI
  7. Edgar DeWit NED
  8. Caue Lemes BRA
  9. Riley Meehan USA
  10. Olivier Wagner SUI
  11. Tommy Haas GER
  12. Joel King GBR
  13. Craig Deltour FRA
  14. Abdil Mahdzan MAS
  15. Marc Dean USA
  16. Tom Worsley GBR

Women’s Street Luge Results

  1. Angelina Nobre FRA
  2. Helene Schmit FRA

Men’s Classic Luge Results

  1. Jonathan Blotter FRA
  2. Sebastian Tournissac FRA
  3. Jochen Baumann GER
  4. Beni Weber SUI
  5. Craig Deltour FRA
  6. Michael Serek FRA
  7. Gauthier DeKyndt FRA
  8. Riley Meehan USA
  9. Yvon Labarthe SUI
  10. Chris Schutz GER
  11. Konstantin Weigl AUT
  12. Cedric Burel FRA
  13. Jens-O Thor SWE
  14. Matthias Lang GER
  15. Eugan Forschner GER
  16. Loic Zaccaro FRA

Women’s Classic Luge Results

  1. Angelina Nobre FRA
  2. Helene Schmit FRA
  3. Uta Hang GER

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