2007 Alpspeed Results

The 2007 IGSA Alpspeed World Cup in Thun, Switzerland has been a very interesting and dramatic race. With rain threatening the 4-day long event in the late afternoons and evenings starting from Thursday, July 19, 2007, the street luge riders were at the mercy of the wet road during qualifying. During the race however, the weather turned out for the better and the road was dry for the street luge race, with imminent rain looming over the horizon during the consolation and the final. The classic luge race was canceled due to heavy pouring rain that would prove to be dangerous.

Here are the top 8 finishers in the street luge category.

  1. Eugen Forschner GER
  2. Sebastien Tournissac FRA
  3. Roberto Marasca ITA
  4. Olivier Wagner SUI
  5. Beni Weber SUI
  6. Caue Lemes BRA
  7. Chris McBride USA
  8. Marc Dean USA

Full race reports for both the Alpspeed World Cup and the previous week’s Almabtrieb World Championship will be posted later, after I have recollected my thoughts as well as sorting out photos and videos. Stay tuned!

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