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New Sponsor for Europe 2008


Before I leave to the airport tonight on my way to the 2008 IGSA Almabtrieb World Cup in Jungholz, Austria and the 2008 IGSA Rock n Roll World Cup in Thalgau, Austria, I would like to announce a new sponsor for my 2008 Europe race trip. I am pleased to introduce Ewok City from Germany as a new sponsor for Team Hardcore Pavement (Street Luge Malaysia). Thanks to Eimer Mayer who put together this small sponsorship package possible! Please visit Ewok City to discover Eimer’s website catering to the downhill skate community in Germany.

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Currently No. 1 in the World


With 3 IGSA World Cups coming up real soon this month of July, it is going to be an awesome battle between the world’s fastest riders. After the Australian World Cup (known as Newton’s Playground) back in March earlier this year, the IGSA World Cup Series continues with 3 races back to back over 3 consecutive weekends. Peyragudes Deluxe Cup (July 9-12, 2008) will be Round #2 of the IGSA World Cup Series. Held at a ski resort in south of France, this race will be the first IGSA World Cup race ever held on French soil. Almabtrieb (July 16-19, … Continue reading

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Wang Kelian 2008: The Greatest Find


During the Wesak Day weekend (May 16-19, 2008), my dad and I traveled back to his hometown in Arau, Perlis, for the birthday of the Raja Perlis. It is not very often that my dad goes back to his birthplace, but when he does, it’s about once or twice a year, and I usually accompany him. Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, and it is the northern-most state, bordering Thailand. Little did I realize that the smallest state in Malaysia has the most technical and fastest road I have ever riden in Malaysia to date! The location of the … Continue reading

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2007 IGSA Alpspeed Downhill World Cup


Venue: Thun, Switzerland Date: July 18-21, 2007 After the Almabtrieb race was over, my dad and I hitched a ride back from Jungholz to Zurich, again with Nino Zeke. Luis Lins, Bettina Luginbuhl, and Jojo Linder also hitched a ride back with us. The van was big enough for all of us. The drive back to Zurich was about 4 hours! When we finally arrived in Zurich, Nino dropped each one of the riders at their houses. They’re all close buddies who skate together in Zurich, so they all know each other. I think they all represent Roll Laden, a … Continue reading

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May 2008 Update


It has been quite a while since I posted the last article here on this website. I guess I should be taking advantage of the fact that my website now uses PHP/MySQL and updating it more frequently since it uses a database. But we all know how busy life can get at times. Work gets in the way, and when it isn’t work, it’s going out there and actually riding! I have not been putting up articles on my recent activities as they happen. So, I am going to post some pictures from those riding sessions as they happened over … Continue reading

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2007 IGSA Almabtrieb World Championship


Venue: Jungholz, Austria Date: July 11-14, 2007 This year, there would be 4 IGSA World Cups in Europe. The IGSA World Cup tour would have kicked off in Sweden, but that event was canceled. The next World Cup would be the Almabtrieb World Championship in Jungholz, Austria. This event kicked off the 2007 IGSA World Cup Series. What made this trip more special was that my dad was going to come along to watch me race street luge for the first time. The trip started out by taking a Malaysia Airlines flight from Kuala Lumpur on July 10 to Zurich, … Continue reading

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