Bukit Kiara 2006: Chinese New Year holiday (Part 2)

Wearing one shoe

Wearing the other shoe

Parking lot right outside the gate

Driving up the hill

Chino is getting used to standing in the truck’s bed

Everyone getting ready to board the truck

What are you looking at?

Monkeys are common at the Bukit Kiara jogging track

This one is oblivious to the photographer

Mountain bikers in awe as they witness for their first time street luge being practiced in Malaysia

Furlong sits up to take the final 90 degree left turn….

….and lays back down entering the inside apex….the yellow lines are good visual markers

Exiting the turn cleanly while keeping low and tucked tight on the luge

Chino crashes at the exit of the 90 degree left turn….saves his head with his hand

Manages to roll off the luge and not hit the fence

Chino getting up after the crash

Gets back on the luge and continues down the course

Takes off the helmet, disgusted knowing that he took a fall….as always

Wait up for me!

Furlong already at the finish line and pulling his luge to the side of the road

We all wait for Chino

This is the curb that Chino crashed into prior to going tangent off the road….note the scratch marks

Chino then explains that the presence of the mountain bikers at the entrance of the turn caused him to crash

View of the short stretch just before the 90 degree left turn

Joggers having the same reaction as the mountain bikers….they can only watch

Furlong sets up his line from the outside apex….

….dives in toward the inside apex….note the mountain bikers hanging around there again….

…and exits the turn for the final straightaway while hugging the yellow line on the left

approaches the center of the road….Chino appears into view

Chino apparently went too wide at the turn and just came out from the grass on the right

Furlong and Chino battling it out to the finish, toe to toe….Furlong wins this one

Driving up for another run!

Peace yall

Yeah we saw that already

It’s hot but the riders are enjoying it

Furlong leading Chino right before the 90 degree left turn

Pretty much the same strategy from before

….start leaning….

….from outside….

….to inside….and lay back down immediately

keeping it low and smooth

Chino having problems negotiating this turn again

Why does this always happen to me?

At the bottom

Getting ready to load the luge back into the truck

It is hot, it is wild….see you guys next time

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