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Moving on to WordPress


For those who don’t know, I used to run my street luge website under the name Team Hardcore Pavement. This website has served me well since 1998 when it was first hosted on Geocities, then in 2002 I purchased the domain name and moved all the static HTML pages from Geocities to the new website. Then, in 2006, I began to create my own CMS where I wrote my own PHP code and used a MySQL database as I realized that it is much easier and faster to generate content dynamically. Basically I was creating my own blogging tool. … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Malaysia’s First Gravity Sports Outlaw Race


After a long hiatus from updating this website, I am excited to announce that Team Hardcore Pavement will be organizing Malaysia’s very first gravity sports outlaw race. Gravity sports has picked up pretty quickly in recent years in Southeast Asia, with a growing number of riders in Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Outlaw races have been popping up like wild mushrooms in Philippines, so I figured it’s about time we held an outlaw race in Malaysia. This is sure to be a big hit with the guys from Singapore as they are all very stoked with the hills we have … Continue reading

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Tale of the Tape


There is an incredible line-up of the world’s best racers on the best hill at the biggest race of the year coming up next weekend. Let’s take a look at who the top contenders will be. Newton’s Playground Defending Champion Name: Nick Duffield Age: 26 Nationality: Australia International Contenders Name: Yvon Labarthe Age: 35 Nationality: Switzerland Name: Abdil Mahdzan Age: 27 Nationality: Malaysia Name: Pete Eliot Age: 35 Nationality: United Kingdom Name: Will Stephenson Age: 22 Nationality: United Kingdom Name: Chris McBride Age: 41 Nationality: United States Name: Bill Smrtic Age: 34 Nationality: United States Name: Andy Lally Age: 34 … Continue reading

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Sponsored by Seismic


Before I leave to the airport later tonight on my way to Bathurst, Australia, for the 2009 IGSA World Championship (Newton’s Playground), it is my pleasure to announce that I am now sponsored by Seismic Skate Systems, a company based out of Boulder, Colorado, USA. They make excellent wheels for downhill skateboarding and street luge. I had been racing almost exclusively on the 85mm Speed Vents (white, non-Black Ops urethane, no longer available) for the entire 2008 IGSA season, which led me to a 3rd place at the 2008 IGSA Newton’s Playground in Australia, as well as a #5 IGSA … Continue reading

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November 2009 Update


Here is a brief update of what has transpired since Almabtrieb 2008 until recently. A lot of things have happened, but due to my busy work (and competition) schedule, I have been unable to post reports promptly. THALGAU, AUSTRIA (JULY 2008) – I was in Thalgau for the 2008 IGSA Rock & Roll race, the following weekend after Almabtrieb. The weather for the first few days was cold and raining, just like in Almabtrieb, but the weather eventually turned out for the better for race day. Unfortunately I fell sick after the race! JANDA BAIK, MALAYSIA (AUGUST 2008) – After … Continue reading

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New Sponsor for Europe 2008


Before I leave to the airport tonight on my way to the 2008 IGSA Almabtrieb World Cup in Jungholz, Austria and the 2008 IGSA Rock n Roll World Cup in Thalgau, Austria, I would like to announce a new sponsor for my 2008 Europe race trip. I am pleased to introduce Ewok City from Germany as a new sponsor for Team Hardcore Pavement (Street Luge Malaysia). Thanks to Eimer Mayer who put together this small sponsorship package possible! Please visit Ewok City to discover Eimer’s website catering to the downhill skate community in Germany.

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Currently No. 1 in the World


With 3 IGSA World Cups coming up real soon this month of July, it is going to be an awesome battle between the world’s fastest riders. After the Australian World Cup (known as Newton’s Playground) back in March earlier this year, the IGSA World Cup Series continues with 3 races back to back over 3 consecutive weekends. Peyragudes Deluxe Cup (July 9-12, 2008) will be Round #2 of the IGSA World Cup Series. Held at a ski resort in south of France, this race will be the first IGSA World Cup race ever held on French soil. Almabtrieb (July 16-19, … Continue reading

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May 2008 Update


It has been quite a while since I posted the last article here on this website. I guess I should be taking advantage of the fact that my website now uses PHP/MySQL and updating it more frequently since it uses a database. But we all know how busy life can get at times. Work gets in the way, and when it isn’t work, it’s going out there and actually riding! I have not been putting up articles on my recent activities as they happen. So, I am going to post some pictures from those riding sessions as they happened over … Continue reading

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2007 Alpspeed Results


The 2007 IGSA Alpspeed World Cup in Thun, Switzerland has been a very interesting and dramatic race. With rain threatening the 4-day long event in the late afternoons and evenings starting from Thursday, July 19, 2007, the street luge riders were at the mercy of the wet road during qualifying. During the race however, the weather turned out for the better and the road was dry for the street luge race, with imminent rain looming over the horizon during the consolation and the final. The classic luge race was canceled due to heavy pouring rain that would prove to be … Continue reading

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2007 Almabtrieb Results


The IGSA Almabtrieb World Championships Street Luge and Classic Luge races featured some really stiff competition on a tight technical course that tested the skills of each rider to the max. 31 Street Luge and 38 Classic Luge competitors raced in six man heats to determine the 2007 IGSA World Champions. Both races were dominated by an increasingly strong French team. Here are the top 16 finishers in each race as well as the Women’s results. Men’s Street Luge Results Gauthier DeKyndt FRA Sebastian Tournissac FRA Jonathan Blotter FRA Loic Zaccaro FRA Beni Weber SUI Yvon Labarthe SUI Edgar DeWit … Continue reading

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