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Training for Europe 2007


The IGSA World Cup mayhem in July is now less than a month away. There will be 4 World Cup events all distributed within a one month span. The events will be held in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and Austria. I will be going to the 2007 IGSA Almabtrieb World Championship in Jungholz, Austria (July 11-14), and the 2007 IGSA Alpspeed Downhill World Cup in Thun, Switzerland (July 18-22). With airfare prices increasing from last year, it seemed perfect sense to attend more than one race, to make the trip more economical, worthwhile, as well as time and money well spent. … Continue reading

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Scouting hills in Penang


Team rider William Robyn came down to Malaysia from France to do his 6-month internship at a German company named Schott in Penang. On July 30, 2006, William and I went to scout a hill in Penang that we found on Google Earth. This hill is located in Kampung Sungai Ara located near Bukit Jambul. The course measures 1 km in length and is quite interesting, featuring a large right-hand sweeper, one 90-degree left-hand turn, and one nice large right-hand hairpin, all separated by straight-aways. The only bad thing about this course is that there are these so-called speed bumps … Continue reading

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Fryer on Fire in Bainbridge


Fresh off his win at Top Challenge, John Fryer brought his momentum to Bainbridge, Ohio and stole the show. Posting the top qualifying run in both luge and buttboard, he was the man to beat on Sunday. However, Dave Auld, Bill Smrtic and hometown hero David Dean had other plans. Eventually, it was Fryer’s weekend, taking the top spot in both buttboard and street luge. Street Luge top 8 John Fryer Dave Auld David Dean Chris Hicks Mike McIntyre Victor Schumacher Tony Mistretta Beni Weber Buttboard top 4 John Fryer David Dean Beni Weber Riley Meehan A full race report … Continue reading

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Project COASH


It’s just a few hours before I leave to KLIA airport to go to the 2006 IGSA World Championship in Scheid, Switzerland. Currently all my luggage has been packed. I’m bringing a laptop bag, helmet bag, backpacker’s bag, and the Rewsports street luge. Reason being since I’m only limited to 20 kg to check in. Really traveling light this time. Speaking of which, this race will be my first race that I’m going to travelling from Malaysia. My prior race experience has only been in the United States when I was studying there as a Petronas scholar. Last year I … Continue reading

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RSS Feed Now Available


News headlines at Team Hardcore Pavement are now at your fingertips with RSS. RSS allows you to get updates on the THP website without having to actually visit and seeing if the website has already been updated. RSS can be accessed thru a variety of ways. There are some RSS aggregators out there, which I myself have never actually seen or used. Yahoo! has an RSS reader that allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds under the My Yahoo! service. However, the updated news feed doesn’t always appear immediately. The easiest way to access RSS content is thru a feature … Continue reading

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Team Hardcore Pavement is now back with a fresh new look. The need for the website to remain regularly updated calls for a dynamic updating system. With PHP scripting and MySQL database driven management system, THP hopes to deliver dynamic content to you easily. Before the switchover to PHP, it was very difficult to update and maintain the website as different HTML files had to be created for each update, especially when archiving old articles. Now, with PHP, all articles and features can be archived by storing all the information in a database. The advantages of using a database are … Continue reading

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Martin Siegrist in Malaysia

skate malaysia (3)

Martin Siegrist, the 2004 IGSA Downhill Skateboard World Champion, was in Malaysia to help out a Swiss friend with an indoor climbing gym project. As such, he took the opportunity to ride various roads while he was in the country. Some of the places that Martin had hit up included Bukit Tinggi, Fraser Hill to KKB, Changkat Tunku, and even Ukay Perdana which I had even hit up back in 2002 for a TV shoot. The following photos and text are taken with permission from Martin himself at his website. This flower shaped fountain was empty, no water… Luckily I … Continue reading

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July 2005 Update


Quite a lot has happened since the last update in June. To put it briefly, team rider Abdil “Furlong” Mahdzan had already raced in 2 events, namely the 2005 IGSA World Cup USA from June 3-5 and the 2005 IGSA World Cup Sweden from June 27-July 1. The race report for the World Cup USA has already been written, whereas the race report for the World Cup Sweden will be written after Furlong gets back from his next race in New York which is taking place this weekend (July 30-31). The event in New York is none other than the … Continue reading

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Barrett Junction IGSA World Cup USA This Weekend


The first World Cup event in the IGSA season calendar for 2005 will be held at Barrett Junction in San Diego, California, USA from June 3-5, 2005. THP rider Abdil “Furlong” Mahdzan will be attending this race. This race will be his first (and most probably last before he returns to Malaysia for good) time racing at Barrett Junction that seems to be a favorite among the racers in California. It would also be his first time riding and racing in California after 3 years (the last times were spent riding at Dinosaur Point, Templin Highway, and Red Bull Streets … Continue reading

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Leander Lacey versus Rian James


The end of the 2004 IGSA season is drawing near. Good luck to all the athletes that are competing at the final round of the 2004 IGSA World Cup Race Series in South Africa this weekend! Leander Lacey and Rian James are the top 2 fastest street luge racers in the world right now, ranking second and first in the current IGSA world rankings respectively. Who will take home the World Cup this year? Find out this weekend! Visit the IGSA and the SAGRA website for more information. May the fastest man on the hill win!

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