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Wang Kelian 2008: The Greatest Find


During the Wesak Day weekend (May 16-19, 2008), my dad and I traveled back to his hometown in Arau, Perlis, for the birthday of the Raja Perlis. It is not very often that my dad goes back to his birthplace, but when he does, it’s about once or twice a year, and I usually accompany him. Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, and it is the northern-most state, bordering Thailand. Little did I realize that the smallest state in Malaysia has the most technical and fastest road I have ever riden in Malaysia to date! The location of the … Continue reading

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Merdeka 50 Freeride


In commemoration of Malaysia’s 50th Independence, THP paid tribute to the country by doing what we do best, and that is riding street luge in Malaysia. As Malaysia’s only street luge riders, we face difficult challenges in making the sport grow in the country. Well, all that has changed now. Back in February earlier this year, I appeared in a local Malaysian newspaper, Berita Harian. One brave soul from Johor contacted me and expressed his interest to get into the sport. After selling one of my classic luges to him, he took initiative and went practicing on his own. After … Continue reading

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Sea Park 2006: Skateboard Versus Inline


The ride on August 27, 2006, turned out to be a blast, even though there were only 2 riders who skated down this hill. We were lucky to have friends joining us to watch, helping to take photos and driving us up the hill in the process! Basically it was the group that plays inline hockey every Sunday morning that showed up to help. Max speeds recorded were 43.4 km/h (downhill skateboard) and 41.5 km/h (downhill inline). They were personal best records for both Steven and myself. Even though I had the higher max speed reading, Steven was consistently beating … Continue reading

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Sea Park 2006: Stoked on Downhill Skateboarding


2nd April 2006 – After a day of night skating in KL. I was invited to have a riding session with some of my friends and also Wan Kedah’s Friends for a downhill riding session on Sunday morning at 8am. The downhill is about 250 meters long!!! Riders involved: Skaters – Boy Cina aka Boy Ipoh Surfers / Carvers – Ipin and Helmi Street Luger / Downhill Skater – Abdil There are plenty of carvers but most of them have personal occasion so few of us here just had the fun!!! Some of these carvers / downhill riders were few … Continue reading

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Bukit Kiara 2006: Chinese New Year holiday (Part 2)


Wearing one shoe Wearing the other shoe Parking lot right outside the gate Driving up the hill Chino is getting used to standing in the truck’s bed Everyone getting ready to board the truck What are you looking at? Monkeys are common at the Bukit Kiara jogging track This one is oblivious to the photographer Mountain bikers in awe as they witness for their first time street luge being practiced in Malaysia Furlong sits up to take the final 90 degree left turn…. ….and lays back down entering the inside apex….the yellow lines are good visual markers Exiting the turn … Continue reading

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Bukit Kiara 2006: Chinese New Year holiday (Part 1)


Furlong and Chino spent the Chinese New Year holiday riding at Bukit Kiara, getting in a total of 10 runs each. It was definitely a hot day. Photographer Vignes Balasingam also showed up with his girlfriend as well as his Nikon D70s digital SLR camera. Briefing the beginners Getting ready Showing position on the board Don’t spread your legs too wide open Participants still listening to instructions Vig getting ready with his camera Getting the feel for body position Natra is all smiles apparently Still learning to brake Now it’s Natra’s turn Keeping it real here in hot sunny Malaysia … Continue reading

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Bukit Tinggi 2006: 6.6 km road


After having only read first-hand accounts by Martin Siegrist and looking at his photos, Abdil and I have finally riden the Bukit Tinggi Clubhouse road. At 6.6 km, it is the longest run that both of us have ever done in Malaysia, or anywhere for that matter. Our friend Vignes Balasingam showed up with his trusty Nikon D70s digital SLR camera and took really good photos. Check them out below! Transporter The Luge Nice shot by Vig & that is ME….. hehe Close-up Trying to be in Left lane Sit-up to get better view of the road The Sii Fuu … Continue reading

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Bukit Kiara 2006: THP Underground Reunion


Furlong , Chino and Kurt for the first time,managed to luge together since 2001.A small THP reunion. Also involved,luging – Muiz Clearing obstruction! After quite a downpour Clearing the road So we could luge easily preparing… Kurt Kaisan kurt again rider in pink chino n kaisan the ol bud getogether the two riders two..err 3 Kurt with Furlong’s rogers brothers luge round 1 : warmup session off they go! slowly going down to just ‘feel’… okay,we’re ready for serious business. brake muiz n furlong visors closed.still can recognize u guys lah. kaisan,always with his own-sel-portraiting picture load,unload,load,unload go slow man … Continue reading

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Washington DC 2005: Spring Break Freeride (Part 2)

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Washington DC 2005: Spring Break Freeride (Part 1)


On March 12, 2005, Abdil “Furlong” Mahdzan was scheduled for a job interview with his sponsor, Petronas Malaysia at the Marriott Crystal City Hotel in Arlington, Virginia, located on the outskirts of Washington DC. His interview was scheduled at 10:00, and the rest of the weekend would be spent waiting for the other Petronas scholars to finish their interviews. Obviously, he had already planned to go riding since Spring Break also coincided with the interview weekend. He had hooked up with DrNo and Paul who live in the surrounding area to go riding at some of the hills the East … Continue reading

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