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With 3 IGSA World Cups coming up real soon this month of July, it is going to be an awesome battle between the world’s fastest riders. After the Australian World Cup (known as Newton’s Playground) back in March earlier this year, the IGSA World Cup Series continues with 3 races back to back over 3 consecutive weekends.

Peyragudes Deluxe Cup (July 9-12, 2008) will be Round #2 of the IGSA World Cup Series. Held at a ski resort in south of France, this race will be the first IGSA World Cup race ever held on French soil.

Almabtrieb (July 16-19, 2008) will be Round #3 of the IGSA World Cup Series. This race will be the 3rd time it is held in Jungholz, Austria. I went to this race last year and I will be going again this year and hope to finish better.

Rock & Roll (July 23-26, 2008) will be Round #4 of the IGSA World Cup Series. This race is now held in its 2nd consecutive year, located at Thalgau, Austria. I will be going to this race after the Almabtrieb race. I wasn’t able to make this race last year because it was 2 weeks after Almabtrieb (1 week after the Alpspeed World Cup which I went to) which would mean I’d have to stay in Europe for 3 weeks, which is an awfully long time off from work.

Anyway, since the French World Cup is next week, I would like to savor this moment and state that I am currently No. 1 in the world on the tentative 2008 IGSA world rankings for classic luge! I am also tentatively No. 3 in the world for street luge. Even though this doesn’t really mean anything significant since only one world cup race has passed, I’m still going to savor this moment. I totally did not expect to start off the season with a No. 1 finish! Not trying to be pessimistic, but I don’t think there’d be another time in the future where I can say that I was No. 1, even if it is only short-lived! Several other IGSA races have occurred since Newton’s Playground, but those races were nationals, not world cups, carrying less points towards the world rankings.

Unfortunately for me, I will not be No. 1 for long, since I will not be attending the French World Cup due to the fact that I can’t get too much time off work! Plus the fact that my budget doesn’t allow for 3 consecutive races. I expect Chris McBride (since he went to Newton’s Playground) to snatch the No. 1 spot for both street luge and classic luge after the Peyragudes Deluxe Cup and maintain that position at least until the 2008 IGSA World Championship (known as Maryhill Festival of Speed) in Goldendale, Washington, USA, in August, which will be Round #5. By that time, some other European riders will go to Maryhill and possibly take over the No. 1 spot.

There is still Go Fast Speed Days in Eastbourne, UK, which is Round #6 coming up in September after Maryhill. After that, a few months will pass until Hot Heels Africa, the final round in Cape Town, South Africa, in December.

Since I have already attended Newton’s Playground, and will be attending Almabtrieb and Rock & Roll, I would have scored points for 3 World Cup races. If I do well in Europe, then I would have to wait until after Go Fast Speed Days to see who is in the lead after Round #6 before deciding if I need to go to South Africa to try my hand at clinching the title of 2008 IGSA World Cup Champion. It’s going to be a very tough battle, but hey, I love the challenge! Besides, I love traveling the world, visiting new places and making new friends. The races are just an excuse to go out and travel!

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