Fryer on Fire in Bainbridge

Fresh off his win at Top Challenge, John Fryer brought his momentum to Bainbridge, Ohio and stole the show. Posting the top qualifying run in both luge and buttboard, he was the man to beat on Sunday. However, Dave Auld, Bill Smrtic and hometown hero David Dean had other plans. Eventually, it was Fryer’s weekend, taking the top spot in both buttboard and street luge.

Street Luge top 8

  1. John Fryer
  2. Dave Auld
  3. David Dean
  4. Chris Hicks
  5. Mike McIntyre
  6. Victor Schumacher
  7. Tony Mistretta
  8. Beni Weber

Buttboard top 4

  1. John Fryer
  2. David Dean
  3. Beni Weber
  4. Riley Meehan

A full race report along with video of the finals and a good amount of photos will come soon, stay tuned!

Justin Tolman,

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