May 2008 Update

It has been quite a while since I posted the last article here on this website. I guess I should be taking advantage of the fact that my website now uses PHP/MySQL and updating it more frequently since it uses a database. But we all know how busy life can get at times. Work gets in the way, and when it isn’t work, it’s going out there and actually riding!

I have not been putting up articles on my recent activities as they happen. So, I am going to post some pictures from those riding sessions as they happened over the last few months, dating back to July 2007! I hope to post separate articles for each picture shown below, since each picture represents a riding session or a competition that I went to.

THUN, SWITZERLAND (JULY 2007) – After I went to the Almabtrieb race last year, I went to the Alpspeed race which was the weekend after. The flags of all the countries were first shown at COASH 2006. They have now returned to this race, with a much taller support structure and flying high!

BUKIT TINGGI (SEPTEMBER 2007) – Me giving a safety briefing to new team riders Jihad and Ashok prior to riding down the hill.

MELTED KRYPTOS – I have finally melted my Kryptonics Krypto Classic 85mm wheels at Bukit Tinggi! This happened in October 2007.

JANDA BAIK (JANUARY 2008) – After being banned from riding at Bukit Tinggi, we were forced to search for other roads elsewhere to ride and practice on. This was the first session for the 3 of us to train here together. However, I had already riden this road once way back in 2004. This will most probably be our permanent training location for the time being.

JANDA BAIK (FEBRUARY 2008) – KJ came out to take photos, so it was more of a mini photo shoot session. His girlfriend Olivia helped to drive the chase truck during the session. This picture was later used by both The Star and Kosmo newspapers as a cover page photo! More on the newspaper coverage later!

UKAY PERDANA (FEBRUARY 2008) – Jihad and I went riding at Ukay Perdana over the Chinese New Year holiday. I first rode this road way back in 2002 for a TV interview!

AMPANG (FEBRUARY 2008) – After riding at Ukay Perdana, Jihad and I went riding at Ampang. This road connects Ampang which is in the Klang Valley, with Hulu Langat which is located on the other side of the mountains. This photo was taken at one point along the course, and it’s a wide open area. You can see the Petronas Twin Towers in the background! Yeah that’s where I work. Taufiq and his friend Zaki helped to drive us during the session.

BATHURST, AUSTRALIA (MARCH 2008) – Me on the classic luge podium at the Newton’s Playground event. I became the first Asian in history to win an IGSA World Cup race! I also finished 3rd in street luge. It was my first time to finish on the podium at an IGSA race, and double podiums too! Totally unexpected! I was so stoked! My detailed race report for this event will come later, with lots of interesting photos!

BUKIT TINGGI (APRIL 2008) – After coming back from Australia, I sent out a press release to all major newspapers in Malaysia to tell them about my win. We went riding at Bukit Tinggi for a photo shoot session for the newspaper Kosmo. Fotopages Malaysia also came out to take more excellent photos. You can see that I’m riding my new Rogers Bros pegless street luge with fairings. :)

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