Merdeka 50 Freeride

In commemoration of Malaysia’s 50th Independence, THP paid tribute to the country by doing what we do best, and that is riding street luge in Malaysia. As Malaysia’s only street luge riders, we face difficult challenges in making the sport grow in the country.

Well, all that has changed now. Back in February earlier this year, I appeared in a local Malaysian newspaper, Berita Harian. One brave soul from Johor contacted me and expressed his interest to get into the sport. After selling one of my classic luges to him, he took initiative and went practicing on his own. After almost one month of riding, he finally took his first ride down the 6.6 km road in Bukit Tinggi.

With all that said and done, I now welcome Jihad into the team! Alright bro, you now represent street luge in Malaysia!

Jihad getting suited up

Traditional pose in front of the signboard at the start line

Getting into a flat form on the classic luge / buttboard

Sitting up all the way to be safe and getting a feel of the long road for the first time

Braking at the finish area

About to take my first run of the day on the Dregs luge with 76 mm Pink Gumball wheels

Finished putting up the Malaysian flag on the Rewsports luge

Here I go!

Behold the mighty flag

Keeping the faith here in Malaysia


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