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For those who don’t know, I used to run my street luge website under the name Team Hardcore Pavement. This website has served me well since 1998 when it was first hosted on Geocities, then in 2002 I purchased the domain name and moved all the static HTML pages from Geocities to the new website. Then, in 2006, I began to create my own CMS where I wrote my own PHP code and used a MySQL database as I realized that it is much easier and faster to generate content dynamically. Basically I was creating my own blogging tool.

However, since early 2012, my website would get “hacked” by script kiddies, i.e. people who post code in my comment forms and force the cover page of my website to display a page that says I’ve been “hacked”. I would then rewrite my PHP code to take care of this problem, but I know that I am not an IT security expert and so I didn’t want to deal with this issue.

Instead of writing my own CMS, I am thus moving on to WordPress (slowly catching up with the rest of the world) where I don’t have to write my own code or worry about my website being not secure. Hopefully this means that I will be updating my website more often with content that matters.

Also, although was initially made to promote street luge as being the first street luge team in Malaysia, it was never really a team. Most of the people whom I’ve taught to street luge in Malaysia have come and gone over the years. It is difficult to find people who have the desire to get into the sport, and when you do find people who want to get into it and you let them try the sport out, it is even more difficult to find those people who will have the passion to continue doing it for many many years.

So, I decided to migrate all the content from to and focus on me as an individual athlete. However, this does not mean that I will not help/assist/encourage new people who wish to get into this exciting sport.

I plan to retire so anybody who still has my old email address, please contact me on Facebook and I will give you my new email address.

Thanks everyone and hope you enjoy the new site!

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