November 2009 Update

Here is a brief update of what has transpired since Almabtrieb 2008 until recently. A lot of things have happened, but due to my busy work (and competition) schedule, I have been unable to post reports promptly.

THALGAU, AUSTRIA (JULY 2008) – I was in Thalgau for the 2008 IGSA Rock & Roll race, the following weekend after Almabtrieb. The weather for the first few days was cold and raining, just like in Almabtrieb, but the weather eventually turned out for the better for race day. Unfortunately I fell sick after the race!

JANDA BAIK, MALAYSIA (AUGUST 2008) – After 7 years since our very first meet-up, Andrew (the first guy to start street luging in Singapore) came up to Malaysia again. He was actually in Malaysia to judge a yoyo competition, but he took advantage of the trip and brought his luge with him to ride the hills in Malaysia. This time however, he would ride a real long road out in the middle of nowhere with little to no traffic, instead of the urban city streets we used to ride back in 2001!

KUALA KUBU BAHRU, MALAYSIA (AUGUST 2008) – Ashok helped to drive me here. This is the same road that Martin Siegrist rode back in 2005. It’s a stretch of road that connects Kuala Kubu Bahru to Fraser’s Hill. This road is similar to a highway with a dividing barrier, with 2 lanes on each side of the divider. Nice and wide. The rideable length is about 1.3 km, with a max speed of 80 km/h. In the background behind me, you can see the Kuala Kubu Bahru dam.

FAIR CAPE, SOUTH AFRICA (NOVEMBER 2008) – These local African kids love watching us race down the hill. They love photo opportunities like this one!

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA (DECEMBER 2008) – In the timeframe between the Fair Cape and Hot Heels Africa races, my parents and I took the opportunity to go sightseeing. While en route to go to Hout Bay and Chapman’s Peak Drive, we stopped here at this road. This is Clifton road (near Table Mountain), where the legendary Red Bull DHX race was held back in 2001 and 2002. This was the IGSA’s biggest race, with 50,000 spectators. The spot where I am standing is the hairpin where the grandstand was located. A scaffolding was erected here also to function as an announcer’s tower. I remember seeing a photo where Marcus Rietema (IGSA president) was standing on the scaffolding doing the announcing during the race!

JANDA BAIK, MALAYSIA (MAY 2009) – I bought some new Reebok racing shoes when I was working in Vietnam earlier this year. I am testing them out here on my classic luge to see my overall aerodynamic profile with the new shoes on.

WANG KELIAN, MALAYSIA (JUNE 2009) – This is my new max speed record of 105 km/h at Wang Kelian, Perlis, Malaysia. I think I can still go faster!

PEYRAGUDES, FRANCE (JULY 2009) – Me and the Canadian boys (Kolby Parks and Will Condon) posing with our Rogers Bros street luges at the 2009 IGSA Peyragudes 2luxe Cup. We look like a team!

ARGONAY, FRANCE (JULY 2009) – Taking a corner on my classic luge at the 2009 IGSA Graveyard Call race.

TEOLO, ITALY (AUGUST 2009) – My first podium in Europe! I finished 2nd at the 2009 IGSA Padova Grand Prix in street luge. Craig Deltour from France finished 3rd, whereas Yvon Labarthe from Switzerland is the winner. He is currently ranked #1 in the IGSA world rankings. I’ve got a 3rd in Australia last year, a 2nd in Italy this year, now I’m hungry to taste my first IGSA World Cup win in street luge!

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  1. Vinicius giraldi says:


    your style is really impressive!. Im building a pegless street luge, but i cant fimd the measures. can you give me some advice about building and the specoficacions measures os your rogers bros luge.

    sorry about the english, i m brazilian guy.

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