Project COASH

It’s just a few hours before I leave to KLIA airport to go to the 2006 IGSA World Championship in Scheid, Switzerland. Currently all my luggage has been packed. I’m bringing a laptop bag, helmet bag, backpacker’s bag, and the Rewsports street luge. Reason being since I’m only limited to 20 kg to check in. Really traveling light this time.

Speaking of which, this race will be my first race that I’m going to travelling from Malaysia. My prior race experience has only been in the United States when I was studying there as a Petronas scholar. Last year I traveled to Sweden, which was my first overseas race outside of the United States, but this year will really prove to be something special.

For this race, I will be taking a Malaysia Airlines direct flight from Kuala Lumpur to Zurich. After that, I will have to take a train/train/bus combination to Tomils / Scheid. I will be camping with Jorge Sousa from Portugal. I will also be bringing my mobile phone so if anyone from Malaysia would like to send me an SMS, feel free.

To those going to the 2006 IGSA World Championship, let’s CHILL ON A SWISS HILL!

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