Sea Park 2006: Stoked on Downhill Skateboarding

2nd April 2006 – After a day of night skating in KL. I was invited to have a riding session with some of my friends and also Wan Kedah’s Friends for a downhill riding session on Sunday morning at 8am. The downhill is about 250 meters long!!!

Riders involved:
Skaters – Boy Cina aka Boy Ipoh
Surfers / Carvers – Ipin and Helmi
Street Luger / Downhill Skater – Abdil

There are plenty of carvers but most of them have personal occasion so few of us here just had the fun!!! Some of these carvers / downhill riders were few members of old school skaters from the early 90′s BB All Star team. Most of them are surfers nowadays and they only do gentle carving downhill.

Pic below by Ariffin (Ipin):

The downhill view from above. It might look not so steep in the pic but try to ride there and see for yourself!!!

Abdil the only street luge rider in Malaysia. But this time he did it by standing…

Me starting to enjoy carving!!!

Abdil break his records that day with 32 km/h

I did it 33.3 km/h!!! It’s not my record coz i’ve never check my speed before!!

Dogtown bebeh…

The end line with a bump…

carving backside…

carving frontside

Pic by me:

Ipin the carver!!!

The starting line!!

The master of carving!!!

All the way down..bebeh…

Helmi, another carve master..

Can you find Ipin in this pic?

Go Abdil Go!!!

See ya in the next session in 2 months..

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