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Before I leave to the airport later tonight on my way to Bathurst, Australia, for the 2009 IGSA World Championship (Newton’s Playground), it is my pleasure to announce that I am now sponsored by Seismic Skate Systems, a company based out of Boulder, Colorado, USA. They make excellent wheels for downhill skateboarding and street luge.

I had been racing almost exclusively on the 85mm Speed Vents (white, non-Black Ops urethane, no longer available) for the entire 2008 IGSA season, which led me to a 3rd place at the 2008 IGSA Newton’s Playground in Australia, as well as a #5 IGSA street luge world ranking at the end of the year 2008.

Seismic Speed Vent wheels on the podium at the 2008 IGSA Newton’s Playground, Bathurst, Australia

However, this year, for the 2009 IGSA World Championship, I will be sporting new wheels from Seismic, with their revolutionary Black Ops urethane formula.

85mm x 52mm Speed Vent

The 85mm Speed Vent is molded around our proprietary weight-saving Energy Conversion Core ? possibly the raciest, sexiest core on the market. The 85mm diameter gives it the roll speed of a downhill wheel, while the weight-saving core adds the quickness and agility of a smaller wheel, as well as enhanced rebound. Combined with lips designed for pure grip, the 85mm Speed Vent is utterly unique among high-end wheels. Breakthrough performance for longboarding, downhill, GS, and even Hybrid slalom.

75mm x 65mm Avila (3dm brand)

Great for all-purpose longboarding and cruising, and among the world?s best wheels for giant slalom, Super-G, banked slalom, bordercross, and downhill. Weighing more than 1/2-pound EACH, the Avilas bring new meaning to the terms “roll speed” and “inertia”. Named after a favorite training ground for California Central Coast racers, and the site of the 2002 World Slalom Championships, the Avilas dominate on long courses.

69mm x 51mm Hot Spot

We developed this shape to roll through turns faster without compromising grip. Taller and thinner than the Avalon, the Hot Spot features a slightly squared lip that bevels inward at a small angle. It’s a perfect complement to your race box and an outstanding choice for all-purpose longboarding, cruising and Old School styling.

Please visit Seismic Skate for more information on their product line-up! Seismic wheels are high performance, not hype enormous!

Besides this sponsorship announcement, this post will also cover the visit of the Gravity Games Asia crew from Philippines. They came over to Malaysia 2 weekends ago to train at Bukit Tinggi, in preparation for the 2009 IGSA World Championship (Newton’s Playground) in Australia. They were stoked to be riding such an awesome hill. They also felt that the road was indeed intense!

Meeting up with the Gravity Games Asia crew for the first time!

Trying out a pair of the new 2009 Landyachtz slide gloves

Kultur Kampf, who was driving the chase truck, was blown away as he witnessed me street luging at speeds of up to 90 km/h. It was also his first time seing the sport being practiced in Malaysia!

The Filipino downhill skateboarders on their first run and first taste of Bukit Tinggi

After a hot day of riding, we all had a late lunch at the Colmar Tropicale resort while chilling in the rain. Thanks to Lasse Holopainen (organizer of Gravity Games Asia) for the lunch!

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