Team Hardcore Pavement is now back with a fresh new look. The need for the website to remain regularly updated calls for a dynamic updating system. With PHP scripting and MySQL database driven management system, THP hopes to deliver dynamic content to you easily.

Before the switchover to PHP, it was very difficult to update and maintain the website as different HTML files had to be created for each update, especially when archiving old articles. Now, with PHP, all articles and features can be archived by storing all the information in a database. The advantages of using a database are numerous. It is easy to insert content into a database and watch as the webpages are generated dynamically, or rather known as “on-the-fly”. Due to this, only one PHP page is needed to generate the output.

But enough talk of PHP. The new THP website will offer many interesting features. The website is still missing a few menu items. There will be more menu buttons below the graphic banner above, as well as more sidebar menu items on the left-hand side of the screen on the HOME page.

Other than the menu items, a very nice and powerful feature that is new to the Team Hardcore Pavement website is the ability to post comments in each and every article. That way, people from all over the world will be able to share brief and pertinent comments on the subject matter. This will increase interactivity with the website and hopefully make it more interesting. Note that a random verification code is needed before posting a comment. This is to prevent spambots from posting spam in the comments section. Also, don’t be afraid to type in your email address when posting comments for fear of getting spammed by unscrupulous spambots that search for email addresses on websites because the THP comment system appends a “REMOVE.THIS.FIRST” phrase to your email address. This will ensure that if a spambot grabs your email address and sends you automated spam mail, you will not receive them. A human sender would have to manually remove the “REMOVE.THIS.FIRST” phrase prior to sending you an email.

Also new is the ability for THP administrators, team riders, and privileged affiliates of THP to log in to the website. Upon logging in, they will have the ability to post articles from anywhere in the world, depending on their level of access privileges. Also, they can choose a unique avatar and the avatar will be displayed next to their message after they have posted their comments.

In the future, we also plan to have our own forum. We will be using phpBB. We are still working out the bugs, but hopefully it will be online soon.

With that, we hope that you enjoy the new website and do use the comment feature. More content coming your way!

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