Training for Europe 2007

The IGSA World Cup mayhem in July is now less than a month away. There will be 4 World Cup events all distributed within a one month span. The events will be held in Sweden, Austria, Switzerland, and Austria.

I will be going to the 2007 IGSA Almabtrieb World Championship in Jungholz, Austria (July 11-14), and the 2007 IGSA Alpspeed Downhill World Cup in Thun, Switzerland (July 18-22). With airfare prices increasing from last year, it seemed perfect sense to attend more than one race, to make the trip more economical, worthwhile, as well as time and money well spent. The race organizers of the 4 different World Cups have worked together to ensure that their schedules are perfectly synchronized so that racers have ample amount of time traveling from one event to the next. A lot of racers are planning to attend all 4 World Cups! With the high value of the euro and the Swiss franc relative to the ringgit, I could only afford to race 2 events! Thank god that the organizers have also given out-of-Europe racers a discount on the entry fees, and the entry fees this year are actually lower compared to those in previous years. I assume this was done in order to encourage racers to attend as many events as possible. Not only will this trip cost me a bomb, but I’ll be having to take 12 days of annual leave from work!

But a 2-week holiday is definitely in order, to relieve my mind from the stress (both work and personal) that I’ve endured recently. Nonetheless it has been an interesting experience, and I think that it will continue to be.

Anyway, I have been training in preparation for the World Cups in Europe next month. I’ve been working out in the gym, thanks to Vincent as my personal trainer, as well as riding at Bukit Tinggi every weekend now.

At the start area. Ashok is my driver for the day.

Getting all geared up!

Wearing the Garmin Forerunner 101 GPS on my wrist. I can glance at it to see my current speed and time while riding now!

Will Ashok become a THP rider? Only time will tell.

Pushing off at the start area.

One of the first long sweepers at the top of the course. I’ve never even noticed the beautiful mountains here in Bukit Tinggi (while riding of course) until I saw this photo!

Going back up to the top of the hill for another 3 more runs. The smile on my face says it all.

Thank you Wann for taking photos during this training session!

The road is actually more than 7 km long, but the riding distance is actually 6.6 km (don’t want to stop where the guard house is!). The distance that I used to time all my runs is 6.35 km, which is the same as that used by Martin Siegrist, so that my times can be compared to his time for consistency. He used 6.35 km because it ends right before the last hairpin which is a very flat runout. Martin’s best time on a downhill skateboard was a blistering 6 minutes 40 seconds, with a max speed of 85 km/h! My best time on the street luge has been 6 minutes and 21 seconds, with a max speed of 91 km/h. So yeah, the GPS is doing its job correctly in measuring my time and speed accurately so I can compare it to Martin’s data.

Hope to see all you racers from all over the world in Europe this July! RIDE ON!

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