Wang Kelian 2008: The Greatest Find

During the Wesak Day weekend (May 16-19, 2008), my dad and I traveled back to his hometown in Arau, Perlis, for the birthday of the Raja Perlis. It is not very often that my dad goes back to his birthplace, but when he does, it’s about once or twice a year, and I usually accompany him.

Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, and it is the northern-most state, bordering Thailand. Little did I realize that the smallest state in Malaysia has the most technical and fastest road I have ever riden in Malaysia to date!

The location of the road is at the Perlis State Park, which is on the way to Wang Kelian. Wang Kelian is known for its Sunday morning market, where lots of tourists go to buy cheap goods from Thailand. A few years ago, this place was busy with traffic, but thank god that recently not many people are going to Wang Kelian anymore. I think it has lost its novelty attraction. All the better for me, since the road leading to Wang Kelian is what I would dare say worthy of being IGSA World Cup level! The road is very challenging, but it is too far away from any major cities to make an event there worthwhile. For the time being, this will be the ultimate training grounds for me!

Let the Google Earth satellite image speak for itself!

3D image showing the terrain and change in elevation

Yes, I’m in Perlis, the smallest state in Malaysia! And yes, I’ve finally got myself a Rogers Bros pegless luge. I didn’t bring the fairings with me here though.

At the start area

As seen from the lookout gazebo at the start area. Who knew that Perlis has beautiful mountain scenery, since the state is known for its flat rice fields?

View of the road going downhill as seen from the lookout gazebo

This is the max speed I got at the bottom of the hill. I still believe I can reach the magical 100 km/h here in Malaysia. I will try this hill again when I come back next weekend (June 13-16, 2008) and this time I will use the Seismic Speed Vent wheels and the aerodynamic fairings!

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  1. Omar says:

    Anda memang best…

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